BlockWheels Pro: Site builder with Exceptional Blocks & Templates

Are you facing trouble with the limited functionalities of BlockWheels’ free version? Limited Features and functionalities trouble in smooth functioning. Similarly, you may get stuck while performing several tasks due to its limited features and permissions.

Therefore, let us introduce the BlockWheels Pro Version with tailored solutions, robust security, and professional performance. Furthermore, BlockWheels is a site builder with exceptional blocks and the pro version provides professional performance and enhanced features for building your site.  


BlockWheels Pro for Gutenberg is a library of a diverse range of blocks that offers features to make your website interactive and visually appealing. Along with the interactive features BlockWheels Pro also helps to customize the plugin according to your personalized customization.

Besides these, BlockWheels Pro is simply a site builder with premium qualities that will help you build a site in a very convenient way. Not only this, they are focused on providing premium features with high-performance optimization. 

Advanced Features Of Blockwheels: Pro Version 

Lottie Animation

The Pro version of BlockWheels provides a dynamic experience with Lottie animations for all your audiences. Lottie animation is the most popular animated graphic in the world.

They help to make your site visually stunning with high-performance animations.


This is simply a tool to track or count several metrics, events, or data in a different and advanced way.  The Pro version of BlockWheels provides advanced counter features. This will help to provide real-time data and updates.

Hero Slider

BlockWheels Pro version provides the feature of a hero slider. It is commonly used in web design and is the enhanced or premium version of the slider.

Hence, it offers a unique solution for creating interactive content presentations with customization options and helps to deliver engaging user experiences. 

These features of BlockWheels allow you to create and style an image gallery to incorporate into your posts and pages.

It also offers a flexible solution to present the images and media content in user user-friendly manner and visually compelling way.


These features help in creating testimonials and display positive comments and ratings from the customer. This will help your website to build trust among your users. 

It offers a solution for collecting, managing, and displaying testimonials as social proof and increasing user engagement.


For improving your digital presence, different services are crafted. The pro version of BlockWheels provides advanced expertise, technology, and resources as per the needs and requirements of customers.

Grid Post

This feature helps to create a structured layout with Grid Post to present multiple items in a grid format. It offers a flexible solution for organizing and presenting content in a visually appealing way.

Icon Style 

The pro version of BockWheels allows you to get access to a wide selection of unique icons for your content.

Showcase your logos or a gallery of client logos, partners, sponsors, or affiliations on your website in a unique and pleasing carousel.

Team Members

Create and customize your team display with attractive designs, responsive on all devices. This will foster coordination among all the team members.

Google Map

It is an upgraded version of the Maps service that offers customization options for the map’s appearance. This feature displays maps, access to location information, generate directions, and other related functionalities.


These features of BlockWheel help to display your personal or company’s portfolio items beautifully. 

Video Box

You can seamlessly integrate videos to your site from popular video platforms. You can customize and display your video and audio content to make your content engaging. 


The advanced accordion feature of BlockWheel allows users to expand and display their content interestingly. This feature helps to simplify the content creation and management process for several website admins.   

What Makes It Different From the Free Version?

BlockWheels Free VersionBlockWheels Pro Version
Accordion: Showcase information interactively by using a click-and-expand format
Accordion Pro: Organize and present your content more interestingly with Accordion Pro.
Highlight your company’s achievement through an animated counter to display the statistics.

Use Counter Pro to incorporate animated number counters into your web page.
Logo: Visually appeal to your website visitors with a collection of logo images. Manage and customize the logo display effortlessly.
Logo Carousel Pro: Showcase your logos or a gallery of client logos in an aesthetically pleasing carousel with our Logo Carousel Pro.
Testimonials Style:

Testimonial Style:
Only 1 template is available5+ templates are available 
Lottie animations locks are not availableLottie animation locks are not available
Masonry Gallery is not availableMasonry Gallery is available in 2 different styles.

BlockWheels: The Pro Version, Is A Great Choice 

We have already discussed several features of the BlockWheels Pro version. Besides these let us see why the BlockWheels Pro version is a great choice.

BlockWheels is the ultimate Gutenberg Plugin which is designed to improve and enhance your WordPress creativity. This contains 20+ blocks.  Similarly, you can experience the thrill of real-time customization.

You can even easily mold each block to match your unique needs within the Gutenberg editor. It allows you to explore a world of possibilities with BlockWheels’s rich collection of templates.

Worried about how your website looks? You needn’t worry because BlockWheel ensures a flawless and responsive design.

If you want to embark on a Gutenberg adventure like never before then purchase the BlockWheel Pro now adjust 29$:


Thus, using BlockWheels Pro you can experience flawless performance on every device with responsive and interactive design. Also, if you are seeking convenient and efficient website creation then build your website using BlockWheels Pro.

It is focused on full-site editing and enables users to create websites with unique designs and functionalities without coding knowledge. Therefore it helps to effortlessly personalize their sites with interactive designs.

If you are interested in exploring further, demo links and documentation links are provided for in-depth understanding and knowledge.

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