Top 10 WordPress Gutenberg Plugins in 2024

Technology is evolving rapidly. The development in the IT sector emphasizes the transformative power of technology. Development in the IT sector has helped to drive progress, foster innovation, and solve complex challenges within a few clicks. Furthermore, the WordPress Gutenberg Plugins have also developed with advanced features.

One of the great innovations in technology is the development of WordPress. WordPress is simply a web content management system. We can use it for creating websites, blogs, and online stores in a very simple and easy way.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 WordPress Gutenberg Plugins.

What are WordPress Gutenberg Plugins?

WordPress Gutenberg is a content editor that was introduced with WordPress version 5.0 and it was released in December 2018. Gutenberg replaces the TinyMCE editor. 

Whereas, WordPress Gutenberg plugins are the plugins that offer several custom blocks, tools, and features. It enhances the Gutenberg editor’s capabilities and allows users to create unique and dynamic layouts.

Similarly, it is the default block-based editor available in WordPress. It allows advanced styling options integration with third-party services and streamlining the process of content creation. 

How Does Gutenberg Work?

Gutenberg works by providing a modern, intuitive, and flexible content creation workflow. It helps users to design rich and dynamic web pages without requiring technical skills.

Let us see how Gutenberg works.

Block-Based System: The Gutenberg plugin breaks down the content creation into separate blocks. The blocks represent a specific type of content element, such as paragraphs, headings, galleries, videos, images buttons, and more. 

Customizing Features: This plugin allows users to adjust settings such as alignment, size, colors, etc. The blocks in the Gutenberg plugin come with customization options.

Reusable Blocks: The Gutenberg plugins allow users to reuse the blocks or groups of blocks in the form of reusable templates. It will be helpful for the elements that are frequently used. 

Drag-and-Drop Interface: Users can use the drag-and-drop interface to add, rearrange, and customize blocks. It automatically makes it easy to create complex layouts without writing codes.

Full-Site-Editing: Gutenberg provides a full-site editing mode. It allows users to focus on content creation without distractions from the WordPress dashboard.

Top 10 WordPress Gutenberg Plugin

1. BlockWheels

BlockWheels for Gutenberg is a library of a diverse range of blocks that offers features to make your website interactive and visually appealing. This plugin helps to customize the plugin according to your personalized customization. Similarly, It is a free WordPress Plugin but if you want to enjoy the advanced features there is also a pro version.

There are 20+ bocks available in this plugin. Besides these you can personalize your site effortlessly with several customizable options of font, color, size, styles, and many more. This plugin helps to build your website easily with advanced Gutenberg blocks easily from any browser.

You can also visit site for more information about BlockWheel:

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2. Essential Blocks

Another popular and flexible WordPress Plugin is Essential Plugin. It is easy to use and is also easy to customize. You can create Interactive website pages with endless customization.

With essential plugin you can unleash the power of advanced yet easy-to-use Gutenberg blocks and powerful features to design websites with infinite creative possibilities. It consists of more than 53 advanced blocks.

3. Spectra

The Spectra plugin allow users to create professional websites in a very short time. Spectra is 100% beginner friendly and enhances the default WordPress block editor. This plugin is super fast and stable and works with the native WordPress editor with no dependency on external code.

Spectra provides over 30 blocks that enhance the Gutenberg editor experience.

4. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

One of the popular WordPress Gutenberg plugins is Ultimate Addons. It consists of advanced and powerful blocks which will help you design your website within a few seconds. 

You won’t have to write any code because it provides several creative and unique blocks that will help you design your posts and pages easily.

5. Otter Blocks

Otter is another popular plugin and it is a Gutenberg Blocks page builder plugin that adds extra functionality to the WordPress Block Editor (also known as Gutenberg). This plugin doesn’t require traditional page builders like Elementor and Divi.

Otter offers 26+ blocks.

6. Getwid

Getwid is a Gutenberg plugin developed by MotoPress. They are popular among the hotel industry. In addition Getwid offers 39 blocks in total. You can use everything directly from the editor. The plugin is available for free. 

This plugin is easy to use and handle. 

7. Ultimate Blocks

This Gutenberg plugin is most popular specifically for bloggers and marketers. This plugin aims to create quality and engaging content with Gutenberg. There are a total of 22 blocks and more are coming. It provides all free plugin options.

Ultimate Blocks despite being a plugin, is also a toolkit to enhance user engagement and simply the content creation.

8. Kenta Blocks

Kenta Blocks is another WordPress blocks that consists of responsive blocks with powerful options . Similarly it alsp provides pre-designed templates library.

IT has simple and easy-to-use interface and you can visually design any post and page. Similarly, it is suitable for both beginner or a professional designer.

9. Greenshift Block

Another popular Gutenberg Plugin is Greenshift Block. With Greenshift’s features, you can create complex pages and animations without code skills and directly inside core editor. You can add spacing, positioning, CSS transform, shadows, borders like you can’t do in any other page builder.

10. CoBlocks

CoBlocks is one of the best plugins. It consists of a collection of page-building WordPress blocks. This was launched by the American developer Rich Tabor and was acquired by the hosting company GoDaddy. 

It allows you to do almost everything. There are 30 blocks and is organized in sections and columns. However, you won’t have full control over the spacing with pixel-perfect settings.

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